With cameras hosted at some of the area's most progressive businesses locations, 21Alive's Skyview Network already gives you the most comprehensive live look at weather and traffic in the area. Our cameras already reach thousands of people every day, on air and right here on www.incnow.tv

But we're looking to grow and we're looking for partners to host a web-camera in new high-quality traffic and weather locations in Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio. Here's how we use the cameras:

-- We utilize a variety of cameras in newscasts and special reports where weather and traffic views warrant. Each time we use it, we mention the camera location and host business name.

-- On our website, www.incnow.tv, we showcase all of our Skyview Network cameras at the same time, including the name of your business, a brief description of where the camera is located, and a link to your business.

If your location has a dedicated high-speed internet service, a great exterior window view and can afford a one-time fee of about $450 for the purchase of a high-quality web-camera, you may be a candidate location to host a Skyview Network camera!

Submit the information below in order for us to consider your location.

Email to petern@incnow.tv
*Your name:
*Name of Business:
*Street Address:
*City and Zip Code:
*Telephone Number:
*Email address:
*Location description:
*Internet provider and internet speed:
*Do you have a computer that can be dedicated to the Skyview Network camera:

Attach a picture of your traffic/weather view to your email to assist in the evaluation of your application. All applications will receive a response.

Should your business meet our initial screening, our next step is for us to visit your business to review the site further. Based on that, a decision on locating a Skyview Network camera at your location will be made.

2014 will be an exciting year of growth for 21Alive's Skyview Network. Perhaps you and your business can be a part of it!