National News

  • Malaysia Releases Flight MH370 Satellite Data

     The Malaysian government on Tuesday released 45 pages of raw satellite data it used to determine the flight path of the missing jetliner, information long sought by relatives of some of the 239 people on board.

  • The changing face of the NYC skyline

    New York City's far west side along the Hudson River is in the midst of a transformation. Shedding its industrial past for shiny new skyscrapers that will not only reshape the skyline and but some say New York's future.

  • Darth Vader Runs for Kiev Mayor

    It's a "space race" like no other. Darth Vader hit the campaign trail in Ukrainian capital Kiev this week in a last-minute push for votes in his bid to become the city's mayor.

  • U.S. man survives fall in Nepal cravasse

    An American climber from Kentucky who fell into a crevasse on a Himalayan mountain in Nepal managed to crawl out of the hole with five broken ribs and a broken arm before being rescued, documenting it all on video along the way.

  • Removal of Donald Sterling, Just a Matter of Time

    Sports Illustrated's senior writer Chris Mannix explains how NBA commissioner Adam Silver is handling the removal of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

  • Iran Arrests 6 for Making 'Happy' Video

    Police in Iran have arrested six young people for posting a video online of them dancing to Pharrell Williams' hit song "happy.

  • Police: Woman Found 10 Years After Kidnapping

    Police in Southern California say a woman has been found, 10 years after she was kidnapped. She told police her mother's ex-boyfriend drugged and kidnapped her in 2004, forced her to marry him and fathered her child.

  • Giant rubber ducky delights Virginia visitors

    The Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Va is hosting the floating installment 'Rubber Duck' by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman as part of the Museum's grand reopening.

  • TIME's Best GoPro Videos

    What do jump ropes and great white sharks have in common? GoPro. This camera can be, and has, been stuck on everything imaginable.

  • Photographers go to the dogs for pet portraits

    Dog lovers are hiring specialized photographers to snap the perfect portrait of Fluffy or Fido. The AP's Raquel Maria Dillon reports.