Gov. Daniels Discusses Labor Unions on Fox News Sunday

By Rachel Martin

June 10, 2012 Updated Jun 10, 2012 at 5:00 PM EDT

WASHINGTON (Indiana’s NewsCenter) – Gov. Mitch Daniels makes an appearance on Fox News Sunday saying he thinks public sector unions should be eliminated.

State governors are increasingly on the offensive against labor unions. The battle is still fresh in the public’s mind following last week’s failed effort to recall Wisconsin's union busting Governor Scott Walker (R). Now Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has weighed in with his own attack.

Daniels appeared on Fox News Sunday saying the government would function better if there were no unions for government workers.

“There is, I think, a fundamental problem with government becoming it's own special interest group, force dues, recycle it into politics, elect friendly and compliant politicians in an unending circle,” said Daniels. “And, ultimately, there is not really a bargaining in those situations because government sits on both sides of the table.”

Daniels says those unions are taking tax-payer dollars and diminishing "vital services" like health care and education, which is why, he says, he eliminated collective bargaining rights among government workers in 2005.

“If you're deserving a tax refund, it comes back twice as fast as it used to. Our state parks are in dramatically better shape than they were, and if you go to our Bureau of Motor Vehicles, last month, you're out in less than 10 minutes,” he said.

But when Fox News Sunday’s anchor, Chris Wallace, confronted Daniels about rising health care costs, saying it ranks 46th in the nation in state worker gross salary, Daniels says that's not happening.

“We think we have the best health care plan anywhere, and it is one that is leading to much lower increases in cost.”

On President Obama's latest ad attacking Republican contender, Mitt Romney’s economic plan, the Governor says the President doesn't understand economics himself.

“He does not understand where wealth and jobs come from. They come from a successful private sector or not at all,” said Daniels. “You know, we've got the biggest government we've ever had and the weakest recovery ever, on record.”

As for Obama's $35 billion Jobs Act, which will go toward creating jobs for teachers and first responders, Daniels replied, “There, I guess, is a fundamental disagreement that the American people will have to settle this Fall.”

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