In Your Corner

  • In Your Corner: Naked House

    Friday, May 20 at 8:25 AM

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) What can be done if a neighbor decides not to keep their property up? Ryan Elijah takes a look at a local association's multi-year battle with a unique problem.

  • In Your Corner: Road Dispute Gets More Complicated

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter)-- After losing ownership of an access road that serves their properties, some local business owners are frustrated by the process. In Your Corner spoke with the road's new owner about his plans.

  • Scam Alert: Job Seekers Targeted

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana's NewsCenter) - A job application turns into a $3,500 dollar check scam.

  • In Your Corner: Deaf Couple's Dispute Solved

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) In Your Corner has been following a deaf couple's legal dispute for several months. It's a dispute that is now settled with an emotional victory.

  • In Your Corner: Public Housing

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) Thousands of area families receive government assistance for their rent. Ryan Elijah takes a closer look at the system through the eyes of one local family

  • In Your Corner: Road For Sale?

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) Parcels of land often go to a county tax sale when payments fall behind, but that can also include roads that cut through shopping centers. In Your Corner takes a look at a unique case that has some businesses concerned.

  • In Your Corner: Missed Toll Proves Costly

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter)-- Some missed tolls in Illinois led to a bill for hundreds of dollars for a local man. In Your Corner takes a look at a fine system that has caught a number of Hoosiers off guard.

  • In Your Corner: Train Rule Keeping Some Awake

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter)-- A Federal law requires trains to sound their horns during all hours at crossings. Some local residents say they're having trouble sleeping, "In Your Corner", found some communities have found an alternative.

  • In Your Corner: Did Deafness Lead To Sewer Dispute?

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A Fort Wayne couple is stuck with an expensive bill for a problem they didn't cause, now they wonder if the fact that they're deaf has something to do with it. Ryan Elijah takes a closer look.

  • Local Repair Shop Ratings

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana's NewsCenter) - The Better Business Bureau of Northern Indiana has rated the top repair shops based on consumer complaints.