In Your Corner

  • Record Drought Brings Record Peanut Prices

    Wednesday, Sep 28 at 5:12 PM

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--Peanut butter makers have announced that on November 1st the price of peanut butter will jump 30%, and they say Mother Nature is to blame.

  • In Your Corner: Mystery License Suspension

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A local man thought he had his speeding ticket taken care of, but was shocked when the BMV suspended his license. Ryan Elijah found out what led to his loss of driving privileges.

  • In Your Corner: Serving Youth and Waiting For A Paycheck

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A local woman worked four weeks without pay at her new job. Ryan Elijah shows us how her employer is trying to do the right thing in challenging times.

  • In Your Corner: Dog Liability Insurance Update

    A Fort Wayne family found out how difficult it can be to rent a home, or get insurance, if you have the wrong breed of dog. After they were featured on "In Your Corner" in June, a number of options opened up for them.

  • In Your Corner: Amish Family Responds To Complaint

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) The Amish family featured in our pollution story last week invited Ryan Elijah to their property for a first hand look at their septic system. The family is challenging the county in court.

  • In Your Corner: Amish Rights vs Public Safety

    Fort Wayne, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A Grabill family has been trying for over a decade to stop sewage from coming onto their property and into the St. Joe River. Ryan Elijah found the problem is more common than some might think.

  • In Your Corner: Empty Gravesite

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A local family has waited nearly a year for a headstone to be placed on a grave site. In Your Corner takes a look into the problem.

  • In Your Corner: Unwanted Apartment Tenants

    Raccoons can be a nuisance, but what about if they're living inside your home's walls? Ryan Elijah found out the problem is more complex than some realize in this week's "In Your Corner" report.

  • In Your Corner: New Life For City's Largest Hotel?

    The former Quality Hotel has a new owner, but not everyone wants to see Fort Wayne's largest hotel reopen.

  • In Your Corner: Help For The Homeless

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) As the homeless numbers continue to rise in the area, one local organization is hoping to expand and take even more Veteran's off the streets.