In Your Corner

  • In Your Corner: The Pain Of Bullying

    Thursday, May 24 at 10:03 PM

    It took a suicide note for a Mother to find out her 7th grade child was being bullied at school. The family wanted her to come forward to help change procedures and help other kids.

  • In Your Corner: Credit Card Theft On Tape

    Fort Wayne, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A car break-in led to thousands of dollars in credit card charges. Police are looking for your help to find the suspect.

  • Tanning Customers Left In The Dark

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter)-- A Fort Wayne tanning salon has abruptly closed its doors - leaving customers wondering if they've been ripped off.

  • In Your Corner: Waiting For Service

    Woodburn, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A Woodburn family turned to In Your Corner after months of frustration in their effort to get a utilility pole repaired after a crash.

  • In Your Corner: Political Calls Lead To Investigation

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A group called the "Lunch Pail Republicans" is being investigated over phone calls that appear to identify themselves as being with the office of the Attorney General. Ryan Elijah takes a look at a growing problem with political campaigns.

  • In Your Corner: Dress Shop Controversy Continues

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) Four years ago we took a camera into an Indianapolis dress shop after finding a large number of consumer complaints. The store has now vanished, but the controversy hasn't.

  • In Your Corner: Road Dispute Solved

    The end is finally near in a bizarre road dispute that saw business owners lose control of the access road that serves their property. Ryan Elijah first focused on the story over a year ago in our "In Your Corner" report.

  • In Your Corner: Confronting A Scammer

    The "Grandparent Scam" has claimed many victims in this area, but what happens when we confront the scammers on the phone? In Your Corner takes a look at how the scam works and speaks with the people involved.

  • In Your Corner: Theft On Tape

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) The persistent efforts of a police detective and a gas station owner led them to the suspect in one of our most viewed "In Your Corner" segments.

  • In Your Corner: Waiting For An Autism Waiver

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) About 1% of American children show signs of Autism and in Indiana demand for state services far outweighs funding.. In Your Corner looks at why some families have waited over a decade for waivers.