In Your Corner

  • In Your Corner: New Life For City's Largest Hotel?

    Friday, Jul 22 at 7:01 AM

    The former Quality Hotel has a new owner, but not everyone wants to see Fort Wayne's largest hotel reopen.

  • In Your Corner: Help For The Homeless

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) As the homeless numbers continue to rise in the area, one local organization is hoping to expand and take even more Veteran's off the streets.

  • In Your Corner: Dog Liability Insurance

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter)-- Finding the right insurance policy is important for a homeowner, but it might not be as simple as it seems if you have the wrong kind of dog. Ryan Elijah takes a closer look "In Your Corner"

  • In Your Corner: Wind Farm Debate Heats Up

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter)-- While a major wind farm is nearly operational in Northwest Ohio, some Whitley County residents are stepping up their opposition to a proposed wind farm in Columbia City.

  • In Your Corner: Photography Studio Closes

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) A photography studio left town leaving some customers with questions about their photos, In Your Corner takes a closer look.

  • In Your Corner: Inside The Gas Hikes

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana's NewsCenter) - Just when gas prices were trickling down they shot back up and in the Hoosier state reaching $4.15 a gallon.

  • In Your Corner: Foreclosure Program Saves Homes

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) An Allen County foreclosure program is becoming a model around the state of Indiana. Ryan Elijah takes a deeper look at the foreclosure problem and how homes are being saved locally.

  • In Your Corner: Naked House

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter) What can be done if a neighbor decides not to keep their property up? Ryan Elijah takes a look at a local association's multi-year battle with a unique problem.

  • In Your Corner: Road Dispute Gets More Complicated

    FORT WAYNE, IN (Indiana's Newscenter)-- After losing ownership of an access road that serves their properties, some local business owners are frustrated by the process. In Your Corner spoke with the road's new owner about his plans.

  • Scam Alert: Job Seekers Targeted

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana's NewsCenter) - A job application turns into a $3,500 dollar check scam.