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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (21Alive) -- One of the teens involved in a fatal shooting from last weekend is being charged as an adult. Prosecutors have charged 17-year-old Kevin Hamilton on felony murder, murder and robbery charges. He will be tried as an adult. Another juvenile is in custody and is facing charges, but police have not released an identity at this point. Investigators say the two teens intended to rob a man for marijuana on Aug. 14 after he aparently shorted them on their last deal. The altercation ended up with one shot being fired, and 18-year-old Brian Quintana was killed. Before Quintana died, a responding officer asked him who shot him. Quintana said Hamilton was responsible. He was taken to a hospital where he later died. Soon after that, the officer spotted a large bag of mairjuana lying in the parking lot. At some point, a witness alerted police of two suspicious males running from the woods near the Woodbridge Apartments to a maroon SUV. Soon after the shooting, officers spotted a maroon SUV and pulled it over. One of the passengers --Kevin Hamilton -- took off, but was later taken into custody along with the other juvenile. A large plastic bag of marijuana was sitting in the back seat of the SUV. The officer said this bag was identical to the bag found in the parking lot where Quintana was shot. The next day on Aug. 15, police interviewed Hamilton and the other juvenile. Hamilton told officers that they wanted some marijuana, and the other juvenile wanted to rob Quintana because he had shorted them on previous buys. Hamilton told police the two got inside Quintana's car for a drug buy, and Quintana immediately knew something was wrong. Court doucments show Quintana tried to get out of the car with the maijuana. At that point, Hamilton said the other juvenile told him to shoot Quintana. That's when Hamilton fired one shot.