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NORTHEAST INDIANA (21Alive) -- Following two fiery semi crashes in two days, 21Alive has compiled some tips for drivers to stay safe on the road. According to the American Trucking Association, in 60 percent of crashes involving a semi and a car, the semi driver was not at fault. Truck drivers and State Police say cars often follow too closely behind semis. They've also seen drivers get cut off and cars pull out in front of big trucks. It's important that drivers put in a good amount of space between their car and the semi. Indiana State Police Sgt. Ron Galaviz says far too often he sees cars passing semis and then moving back into the driving lane just as soon as their bumpers have cleared. It takes a big truck longer to stop, speed up and change lanes, and people have to be conscious of that, or else they're putting themselves and the truck driver at risk. "If you cut a truck off and all of a sudden you have to slam on your breaks, and that truck is only a couple vehicle lengths behind you, there's probably a good chance that truck is not gonna get stopped in time. People follow to close to the truck, in back of them and even on the side when they pass, then end up getting close to the truck and then they try to pass," Sgt. Galaviz said. Now we know car and SUV drivers are not to blame in every accident involving a semi. Semi drivers also need to practice safe driving behaviors like slowing down in turns and taking care of themselves. It's important they get enough sleep so they're refreshed and alert behind the wheel.