Life's Better Here

  • Life's Better Here: New Haven 2012

    New Haven, Ind. (Indiana's NewsCenter) -- The nearly completed Maplecrest Extension on New Haven's west side, the new transportation corridor soon to open, will soon alter New Haven traffic patterns forever.

  • Life's Better Here: Grabill 2012

    GRABILL, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)- The workers are tripping over each other at Grabill’s Gator Case. “We see a strong economy,” says Gator Cases CEO Neal Graham, “and Gator Cases in general is up about 20 percent from last year.”

  • Life's Better Here: Auburn 2012

    AUBURN, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--Auburn Indiana’s been a wealthy town most of its life thanks mainly to its fabled 20th century automotive industry.

  • Life's Better Here: Angola 2012

    ANGOLA, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--There are few assets a town can boast that carry the weight a full fledged university does and Trine University is a bonafide heavyweight, a school founded by the very town it calls home.

  • Life's Better Here: Fremont 2012

    FREMONT, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--They’re putting the finishing touches on Fremont’s downtown beautification project that sports new pavement, new sidewalks and lighting and other amenities. And as we speak finishing touches are being applied by Mother Nature on another important amenity of life in this town, the grapes at Satek Winery.

  • Life's Better Here: Kendallville 2012

    KENDALLVILLE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)-Exceeding expectations has become a habit at Kendallville’s Creative Liquid Coatings. In the depths of America’s automotive crisis Stephen Geist and his father took over a failing auto paint company and made it fly.

  • Life's Better Here: Churubusco 2012

    CHURUBUSCO, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)-- If you were looking for a definition for small town America the name Churubusco would do. The town sprang up in 1838 when the railroad intersected the old Goshen Road, an ancient Indian trail.

  • The Holidays are Better in Fort Wayne - 2011

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--If there is an official start to the holiday season in Fort Wayne the lighting of the big Santa is it…a time when the city gathers to kick off what many call the best time of the year. A few blocks away another seasonal standby, the Embassy Theatre’s Festival of Trees attracts holiday revelers in droves. These Fort Wayne traditions, the big Santa, the tree festival and numerous others..can be traced back to one source.

  • The Holidays are Better in Berne- 2011

    BERNE, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) - Cities trying to liven up their downtowns could take some pointers Berne, Indiana. Not long ago the town held its annual Weinacht Festival, with all downtown stores open late and all of them decorated for Christmas.

  • The Holidays are Better in Kendallville - 2011

    KENDALLVILLE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--“You’re not going too slow or too fast. Oh, okay!” It’s a labor of love on this crisp fall morning at Kendallville’s Mid-America Windmill Museum. A small army of volunteers is decking out the place in Christmas holiday cheer. The light show these decorations create is always the talk of the town, in part because the clunky, wind blown machines this museum celebrates helped build Kendallville, and helped create Christmas memories for local families going back 150 years.