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Special Offers
Test-drive a hearing device that has been proven an effective treatment for both Sound Voids and ringing in the ears. Experience for yourself 100%RISK FREE a hearing device that has achieved a 98% satisfaction rating for hearing difficulties. Call our office to set an appointment for a free test drive 260-485-1231 or 800-552-2333.

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Hearcare Audiology’s goal for participating in Healthy Living is very straight forward - to educate you. To provide you with information that clears up the confusion surrounding hearing loss, hearing aids, and tinnitus.


If we help you understand the impact that hearing loss has on your (or your loved one's) physical, emotional, psychological, and even financial health, and if we demonstrate to you the difference in the quality of the service, equipment, hearing aids, and tinnitus treatment that are provided at HearCare, we believe you will be propelled to take the first step in conquering your hearing problem. We appreciate your desire to gather knowledge before making a hearing treatment decision. Therefore, we are offering you three free ways to gather information that you are searching for.

One, please go to www.HearCare-Indiana.com and watch our award winning, interactive consumer seminar on hearing, hearing loss and hearing aids.

Two, please go to www.HearCare-Indiana.com and order a free copy of the consumer guide to hearing aids, or you can simply call us to order over the phone at 260-485-1231 or 800-552-2333.

Three, please go to www.HearCare-Indiana.com and order a free, easy to use hearing screener. The hearing screener will be shipped to your home and allow you to screen your own hearing in the comfort of your home. Or you can simply call our office to order the free hearing screener at 260-485-1231 or 800-552-2333. We will ship it to anyone in the Fort Wayne, Indiana or surrounding areas (Northeast Indiana).

Terry Donovan is a practicing audiologist at Hearcare Audiology with over 19 years of experience. He received his Bachelor of Science in Audiology and Speech Therapy in 1986 and his Master of Arts in 1990. He has gone on to pursue advanced training in digital hearing solutions and tinnitus treatment. Prior to joining Hearcare Terry practiced audiology in a medical setting.

Hear what our patients have to say:

“I would recommend anybody that needs hearing devices to visit HearCare, because it’s like family here. They really make you feel at ease, like you’re at home.” Bob and Mary Lou Sedlemeyer, Fort Wayne

“I’d like to share something that recently changed my life: you! Since you fit me with hearing devices my life has changed in so many ways.” Steve Douglas

“I wish I had done it sooner, no one even notices the hearing aids…” Ann Hathaway

“I was able to get back into life and really understand what was going on again.” Brad Myers

“Earl is so pleased with the new hearing aids. He can hear so much better it is amazing! Things he was missing before are so clear and surprising to him.” Louise Shirar

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a hearing evaluation painful?
Not at all. A hearing evaluation is painless, simple, takes about 30 minutes and will provide the answers that you are searching for.
Who is qualified to conduct a hearing evaluation: a doctor, an audiologist, or a hearing instrument specialist?
All of these professions are uniquely qualified to identify and treat your hearing loss. Here are some important differences between these professions:
  • Physicians are rigorously trained to identify and treat medical conditions involving the ear. If an ear problem requires medication or surgery a physician is the appropriate professional to manage this situation. Physicians that specialize in ear disease are called otologists.
  • Audiologists are also trained to identify ear problems. They have a Masters or doctorate degree from academic institutions and are experts in the non-medical management of hearing loss. This typically involves the selection, programming, and fitting of hearing aids and tinnitus treatments.
  • Hearing Instrument Specialists are professionals who test hearing and fit hearing aids.
What is the "best" hearing aid on the market?
The simplest answer to this question is: The one that empowers you to live the lifestyle you choose. The hearing device that is right for you should make you feel more secure and relaxed in social situations, allow you to enjoy watching TV with your friends/family, and help eliminate embarrassing miscommunications.
Some of the factors determining which hearing aid is right for you include:
  • Your desired lifestyle
  • Your type of hearing loss
  • Your preference for nearly invisible technology
  • Your budget
My friend didn’t have a positive experience with hearing aids. How can I protect myself from this happening to me?
Make sure you know the five most important questions you must ask before investing in hearing aids. They are: 1.) Do you offer a trail period? 2.) Do you use Live speech Mapping to ensure the hearing devices are precisely fit to my hearing levels? 3.) Does your practice have an audiologist on-site? 4.) What services come with your practice’s hearing devices and do you offer a WRITTEN 100 % satisfaction guarantee? 5.) How does your practice give back to the local community?
At Hearcare Audiology you will have a 75 day trial period. Live speech mapping will be performed at your fitting so that you will see that your hearing devices are precisely fit. Hearcare Audiology has 3 audiologists all with over 13 years of experience. HearCare Audiology always offers a written satisfaction guarantee. And our HearCare Cares Outreach Program is a service we offer that goes beyond hearing services to help people in our community feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Does insurance cover hearing aids?
Some insurance companies do assist with the cost of hearing aids. We have a billing specialist in our office that will check your benefits for you at your initial appointment. We also offer a variety of affordable payment plans. Our goal at Hearcare is to offer hearing help to anyone that desires to improve their hearing. We can help you no matter what your financial situation may be.
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