October 26, 2016

Austin Hatch Attends Boys Basketball Team Opener
By INC News Staff

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) - Canterbury High School basketball standout Austin Hatch who has been recuperating a home the past few months after surviving a plane crash that killed his father and stepmother attended the season opener for the Canterbury Boys Basketball Team Tuesday night.

This isn’t the first time Austin has been spotted at a Canterbury school function. Over the past few months Austin has attended other sporting events cheering on his Canterbury classmates.

In June, a small plane piloted by Dr. Stephen Hatch crashed into a home near Charlevoix, Michigan, killing him and his wife Kim, and critically injuring Austin.

Just two weeks before the crash, Austin had accepted a basketball scholarship from the University of Michigan.

It was the second time Austin Hatch had survived a devastating plane crash.

When he was eight, a plane piloted by his father crashed near the Fort Wayne International Airport, killing his mother, Julie, his 11-year old sister Lindsay and 5-year old brother Ian. Dr. Hatch was seriously burned in that crash. Austin was slightly hurt.

(Sept. 30, 2011) FORT WAYNE, Ind., Indiana's NewsCenter) - Austin Hatch could soon be getting ready to come home.

The Fort Wayne teen and high school basketball star is still undergoing physical therapy after he was critically injured in a plane crash last summer.

In a Twitter post Thursday night from former Indiana Tech Basketball Coach Brad Winton: Austin said he will come home on October 9th. Winton said word also came from Canterbury High School Head Coach Dan Kline.

Neither Coach Kline or Austin's family have confirmed this yet to Indiana's NewsCenter.

Austin has been hospitalized since he survived the plane crash that killed his father, doctor Stephen Hatch, and step-mother, Kim Hatch in Michigan last June.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) - A new update from the family of Austin Hatch has been posted online sharing news of the teen's condition.

The family's latest post on 9/23 said that Austin has started Aquatic Therapy, allowing him to practice "running" in a safe manner. Austin now has been given access to a cell phone and is keeping touch with his many friends and school mates. The family says they've had to implement a 10 PM phone curfew.

On Sept. 15th the family's post said that Austin has been enjoying his time with visitors. One of his highlights this past week was eating Buffalo Wild Wings and routing on the University of Michigan as their football team claimed victory Saturday.

In September 5th's journal entry the family said Austin has been enjoying daily visits with close friends and family. Austin's doctors have ordered that visitors be limited to three at a time.

The Canterbury High School basketball star was critically injured in a June 24th plane crash that killed his father and stepmother, Dr. Stephen and Kimberly Hatch.

Austin is the lone human survivor of a plane crash. The family dog also survived the crash.

The standout basketball player at Canterbury High School was ejected when the small family plane crashed into the garage of a house in Michigan. The family was headed from Fort Wayne to their Michigan lake home when the crash took place.

The family's statement on August 30th reads, "Austin had another good week. He keeps exceeding the goals that the therapy team sets for him. To our delight, he continues his strong determination to recover."

The family's statement on August 14th reads, "Austin continues to make steady progress on his recovery. He enjoys getting outside for fresh air and sunshine."

The statement from August 7th on the CaringBridge website reads, "The last three days have been excellent for Austin. This is the hardest work he has accomplished thus far and we see his courage. With the Lord's help and grace, he will continue to progress on his long journey of recovery."

A statement released by the family August 2nd stated that most days bring new and positive evidence that Austin is recovering.

Since July 24th Austin's family has been able to help participate with Austin's Rehab.

A statement put out at the same time said Austin continues to improve and both Austin and the family are optimistic that his approach to life will help him progress through the rest of his rehabilitation.

A statement released on July 17th stated: "Austin is handsome as always and still looks like a fit teenage athlete. Austin's treatment program is going very well, including Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapies. (He also enjoys a lot of extra massages and PT exercises with help from the family!)"

On July 12th the family said, “We celebrate every 'small victory' as Austin continues to progress. He's healing with the loving care of medical experts! Austin even has his blue "Kobe" shoes on (size 15) and looks ready to work."

God is always great. Your prayers are felt and will always have an incredible impact. We also pray for all of the families who have experienced tragedies recently.”

On July 8th the family reported, "He is beginning to open his eyes a little bit more, and he is making gradual process. The family says we are comforted by all of your prayers, stories and words of inspiration. Although we grieve, our hearts are filled with hope and joy!"

Austin Hatch is the only survivor of a terrible plane crash that claimed the life of his parents, Dr. Stephen Hatch and Kim Hatch of Fort Wayne on June 24th near the Charlevoix, Michigan airport.

Crash investigators continue their probe into the cause of the crash of that single-engine plane that killed well-known Fort Wayne doctor Stephen Hatch, his wife Kim and injured Hatch's son Austin.

FAA officials say the plane was headed to Boyne Falls, Michigan. They say officials with the National Transportation Safety Board are on the scene and investigating the incident. It is unclear at this time exactly what caused the crash.

This is not the first time flight tragedy has struck this family. It was in 2003 when Dr. Hatch was piloting a plane from Michigan back to Fort Wayne and clipped a power pole in Wells County, causing that plane to crash. Hatch and his son Austin survived that crash. Hatch’s 38-year-old wife, Julie, 11-year-old daughter Lindsay, 5-year-old son Ian and the family dog were killed in that crash.

In mid-June, Austin now a junior at Canterbury High School committed to play basketball at the University of Michigan.