Preventative Measures: Fort Wayne Speaks Out on How to Stop More Tragedies

By Rachel Martin

December 17, 2012 Updated Dec 17, 2012 at 7:30 PM EDT

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (www.incnow.tv) – Fort Wayne residents share what they think the nation can do to prevent more mass shootings and national tragedies happening again.

Ever since the shooting happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., Friday, there have been a lot of questions as to why it happened and when it will stop.

There’s no question that everyone young and old is affected by this catastrophe, which is one of many recent mass shootings. However many are saying this time, with 20 children dead, that it’s gone too far.

Even President Obama stated this weekend that these mass shootings and crimes need to stop. So, INC News went out and asked people in Fort Wayne, “What can we do as a nation to prevent more tragedies like this from happening?”

"I think people need to open their eyes a little bit more and understand that even in the best of towns and safest of places that there's sickness everywhere and people just aren't right. And so, yes, security is a big part of it and just an understanding that everywhere you go, any where you go, it's just not safe,” said Hollie Shelton. "We need to buckle down and tighten security up and just think of what's usually not thought of."

Ahmad Shamsid-Deen said, “Throughout the country we have all people, blacks, children, old people, who have a lot of anger built up inside, and we need some socio-psychological help. We need to address that by sitting up with the churches and religious leaders, political leaders, even the parents at home. We need to sit down and talk with our children about anger, it’s really huge.”

"Criminals are still going to have guns. So if we have gun control, we're taking away the guns from the people who legitimately use them and the criminals will still find them,” said Jane Surbeck.

Jordan Kurzen, a mother of two young children said, "Pray, love each other, love your neighbor. Know each other, be more in community. I guess with small kids it's easy to feel scared about everything, but I think that fear would be the wrong way to react."

George of Fort Wayne shared the same sentiment and said, “When you’ve got children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren like I’ve got and you see those little ones…I don't know what the answer is. I wish I did, I wish I could tell you but it's just a terrible situation as we all know.”

"We have to go back to Christ. We have to go to church. People have to realize there's a higher power that leads us and we need to really start praying and lead our children in that direction rather than to all these zombie movies and things like that. We've got to take them to church,” said Joann Voelker.

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