May 31, 2016

IHSAA Grants Hatch 5th Year of Eligibility
By Tommy Schoegler

Fort Wayne, Ind. (Indiana’s NewsCenter) - There is nothing about Austin Hatch's story that falls under the category of normal, and that is why IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox has invoked a rule within the IHSAA bylaws that is seldom used.

The commissioner told Indiana’s NewsCenter Wednesday morning that rule 12.3 gives the commissioner the right to grant a student with illness or injury that prevented them from earning credit in a school year, an additional year of eligibility.

Cox says that is Austin's case, making the decision was an easy one. Austin will now be eligible for this coming basketball season and next years as well.

It’s not known if Austin will be able to play for the Cavs, but he reportedly will attempt to try.

Also, the University of Michigan intends on honoring Austin's scholarship offer no matter when he is ready to attend the university, whether he can play basketball or not.