• The Lure of Fort Wayne Tackle

    Ossian, Indiana (21Alive)-So when does a hobby become an obsession? When your hobby takes up just about all of your day, every day.

  • Will Myanmar's Past Dictate Its Future?

    Mawlamyine, Myanmar (21Alive)-There are many images of Myanmar we’ll never forget. And this is one of them, the day the Friendship Agreement was signed in the city of Mawlamyine.

  • Myanmar's Haunted Past

    Thanbuzayat, Myanmar (21Alive)-We’re traveling south of our Friendship City of Mawlamyine today but the going is slow; one shares the highway in Myanmar with buses, semis, motor scooters, pedestrians and the occasional farm animal.

  • Business Opportunities Abound in Myanmar

    Mawlamyine, Myanmar (21Alive)--It is the day after the historic Friendship City agreement is signed linking Fort Wayne and Mawlamyine in a cultural embrace and today the Sister Cities delegation that made it happen is putting it in motion.

  • A Tour of Fort Wayne's Historic Friendship City

    Mawlamyine, Myanmar (21Alive)--This is Fort Wayne’s new Friendship City, Mawlamyine, perched on the banks of the Thanlin River.

  • FW Sister Cities Makes Historic Journey

  • Fort Wayne's Hand of Friendship to Myanmar

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)--It was an important moment at Fort Wayne mayor Tom Henry’s office earlier this week, the Fort Wayne Sister City delegation on hand as hizoner signed a Friendship City declaration with a town in a distant land.

  • The Art Museum's Game of Thrones

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21 Alive)--A chair is more than just a chair when it’s a history book, 44 handsome chapters of which are on loan from the world class Jacobson Collection to the Fort Wayne Museum of Art and these rump-resters have a lot to say about us.

  • Huntington War Bird Making a Comeback

    HUNTINGTON, Indiana (21Alive)--It was love at first sight when John and Erin Shuttleworth of Huntington saw this 1943 North American T-6 trainer languishing in storage in Florida.

  • Local artist gives away what she makes