• Reflections on a Budding Democracy at Fort Wayne's Art Museum

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)-For centuries it was Burma, now it is Myanmar. Cut off from the rest of the world for sixty years by a brutal and paranoid military dictatorship, Myanmar remains one of the least known, most mysterious places on earth.

  • Fred's Fabulous Freak of Nature

    CHURUBUSCO, Indiana (21Alive)-There are some wonderful things taking shape at grandpa’s workshop. Grandpa’s workshop is Fred Inman’s garage in Churubusco where Fred transforms chunks of rough, knarled burl wood into sleek and beautiful pieces of art.

  • Fort Wayne's 100 Year Old Barber Shop

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)-Fort Wayne’s Nebraska Neighborhood has been around a long time. The Wabash and Erie Canal flowed through the heart of it.

  • The 'Hero' of American Automobiles

    AUBURN, Indiana (21Alive)-It may be the most obscure of Auburn Indiana’s many museums but the Early Ford V-8 Museum packs a wallop…telling the story of the legendary Ford flathead V-8 engine that first appeared during the Great Depression.

  • Something New on the Airwaves over 21Country

  • The Lure of Fort Wayne Tackle

    Ossian, Indiana (21Alive)-So when does a hobby become an obsession? When your hobby takes up just about all of your day, every day.

  • Will Myanmar's Past Dictate Its Future?

    Mawlamyine, Myanmar (21Alive)-There are many images of Myanmar we’ll never forget. And this is one of them, the day the Friendship Agreement was signed in the city of Mawlamyine.

  • Myanmar's Haunted Past

    Thanbuzayat, Myanmar (21Alive)-We’re traveling south of our Friendship City of Mawlamyine today but the going is slow; one shares the highway in Myanmar with buses, semis, motor scooters, pedestrians and the occasional farm animal.

  • Business Opportunities Abound in Myanmar

    Mawlamyine, Myanmar (21Alive)--It is the day after the historic Friendship City agreement is signed linking Fort Wayne and Mawlamyine in a cultural embrace and today the Sister Cities delegation that made it happen is putting it in motion.

  • A Tour of Fort Wayne's Historic Friendship City

    Mawlamyine, Myanmar (21Alive)--This is Fort Wayne’s new Friendship City, Mawlamyine, perched on the banks of the Thanlin River.