• Destined for Mars...or at least an Art Museum

    HUNTERTOWN, Indiana (21Alive)-Mark Phenicie runs a furniture restoration business, and a good one, in Huntertown. This antique bureau went through a fire, Mark brought it back to life and it’s beautiful.

  • The Bones of a Palace of Justice

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)--It’s the envy of criminal justice across the country and the centerpiece of Fort Wayne’s downtown.

  • FAME Founder a Fort Wayne Gem

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)--Dorothy Kittaka is a slight but mighty figure in Northeast Indiana. She was born in Washington state and at age two, at the outset of the Second World War, she and her entire family were rounded up by the Federal government and imprisoned in internment camps, along with 120-thousand other Japanese Americans.

  • A 'Big City' Gem in the Summit City

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)--We’ve visited this spot on Fort Wayne’s Piqua Avenue before, the Karpeles Map Museum. It’s one of eleven map and document museums around the country established by a millionaire California collector.

  • This House Was Once a Home. A Very Old Home.

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)-It sits on Van Buren street just north of Washington Boulevard in Fort Wayne’s West Central neighborhood.

  • A Big Job for a Guy from Auburn.

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)--It’s the busy season for Praxis Detailing in Auburn. Owner Mike Liebing is overseeing today’s project.

  • Authentic Asia of Fort Wayne's South Side

    Fort Wayne, Indiana (21alive)-- This little converted gas station on South Calhoun Street…you’d miss it if you blink. This is the Mahnin Asian Restaurant, it serves authentic Burmese and Thai food and the place is fantastic.

  • Not all cowboys ride the range

  • Local Agency Provides the 'Straight and Narrow'.

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)--It’s been a hard life for 26 year old Kertina McCoy but things have gotten better fast. Kertina grew up in an abusive household with an alcoholic parent…was expelled from Paul Harding High School for fighting, and then arrested for shoplifting while still a teen.

  • Marching to the beat of his own drum

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)--It’s the heartbeat of every marching band in the country,the drumline..pounding out a rythmn that stirs the soul.