• Pioneer Church Still Going Strong after 175 Years

    CHURUBUSCO, Indiana--Indiana was a brand new state when the town of Churubusco was born in 1838, carved out of wilderness forest on an ancient Indian trail that subsequent generations would call the Goshen Road. One year before, in 1837, a handful of pioneer families built the first house of worship in Allen County’s Eel Township, the Wesley Chapel Church, alive and thriving 175 years later.

  • Cowboy Artist Captures the Old West

    MENTONE, Indiana--“I grew up watching Roy Rogers and all that of course,” says artist Robert Hudson. “I always loved horses and the west and stories of my dad about how beautiful it was in the west.”

  • Mass Transit, When it Meant Something

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana-They still crop up now and then, usually during some street or sewer project…those iron tracks that once carried the finest mass transit system Fort Wayne has ever known. It began in the 1880's, Fort Wayne’s first street cars, riding on rails, pulled by horses. In 1892 the streetcar system went electric, and crews began laying down track in every neighborhood in town, like these rail workers on Wells Street.

  • Miniature Flying Marvels at Model Airplane Museum

    MUNCIE, Indiana-Model airplanes have changed a lot over the years. The wingspan of this four engine radio controlled giant is about twenty-five feet. But even this modern marvel has its roots in those days of yesteryear, when rubber bands powered paper and balsa wood flyers into that wild blue yonder.

  • Auburn Military Museum Auctioning 'Surplus'

    AUBURN, Indiana-10am on a sunny fall day and the immense Kruse National Military History Museum in Auburn is open for business. Tellingly, the vast parking lot in front of the complex is empty, a clue to the museum’s financial challenges. While the parking lot is empty, however, the museum itself is anything but.

  • Historic Warbird Project Takes to the Air

    AUBURN, Indiana-There are lots of ways to put it…’Patience is a virtue’, ‘All things come to he who waits’. For a while now we’ve been following Phil Allison’s progress restoring a vintage Stearman biplane at Auburn’s DeKalb County Airport. Eight years after he hauled it home in pieces in a horse trailer, Phil’s project is complete.

  • Historic Records Reveal Dark Days in Fort Wayne

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Deep in the archives of the Fort Wayne History Center is clear evidence of how easily neighbor can turn on neighbor. This is the Fort Wayne Alien Register compiled during World War One…once America declared war on Germany in 1917 all German non-citizens were required to register with the government.

  • Wabash County Fights the Battle on the Home Front

    WABASH, Indiana--While American soldiers battled Germany and Japan overseas another battle raged here at home, the battle on the home front fought not with guns and bombs, but rubber drives and metal drives, victory gardens and war bond campaigns…as critical to victory in the war as the desperate struggles on distant battlefields.

  • The Smallest of Our Library's Big Attractions

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana-We all know there are thousands…millions of stories to be found at our fabulous Allen County Public Library. What some might not know is just how very odd some of those stories can be. The library has an assortment of miniature books, these are on Abraham Lincoln

  • Doctor Freud is in the House

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--He’s with us to this day, in words and phrases like psychoanalysis, egotist, dream therapy, anal retentive and Freudian slip. In addition to widening our vocabulary Sigmund Freud widened our understanding of ourselves and how our minds work and through the end of December, a very significant part of the good doctor will be with us here in Fort Wayne.