• Stunning Work by Local High School Kids!

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Of all the great exhibits hosted each year by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art this has to be the most exciting..the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Competition…art works by northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio high school kids competing for college art scholarships with the rest of the country and our kids are among the best. Of the 115 regions competing across the nation, the Fort Wayne region is consistently in the top ten.

  • A Book Full of Fort Wayne Firsts! (VIDEO)

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--It’s not the most dangerous job in the world but it’s sure right up there. And there’s no question being a firefighter is a huge challenge…physically and emotionally. Up until just a few years ago it was generally thought that firefighter was no job for a woman. Carol Butler knows about the challenges women face in a man’s world..she’s a U.S. Navy veteran. A few years ago at Fort Wayne’s VA hospital a young nurse told her she was a student at a local middle school when Carol spoke to her class in her navy uniform.

  • Fort Wayne's Historic Tie to the Vatican

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--As Catholic cardinals convene at the Vatican to elect the churches 266th pope, the 265th pope, Benedict the 16th, is adjusting to retirement. But he’s not out of the public discourse just yet. People are still talking about his ring, the papal ring, and whether this golden work of art will be destroyed, defaced or left untouched.

  • Manuscript Museum Moving to Historic Building

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--It is, unfortunately, one of Fort Wayne’s lesser known gems, the Karpeles Manuscript Museum…one of the most remarkable spots in the entire Midwest. Where else could you see Queen Elizabeth the First’s handwritten note to Sir Francis Drake, ordering him to sail against the Spanish Armada in 1587? Or personal letters penned by Eleanor Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi, Albert Einstein or Rosa Parks? Despite the historic attractions this museum remains hidden away in a sense. That, however is about to change.

  • Recycling Takes on New Meaning

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Patrice Farmer planned on a writing career until she attended art school New Mexico. Visiting the art galleries of Santa Fe changed her mind.

  • Forgotten Sports Legend Remembered by Local Filmmaker

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--He was sports legend in the making…Joe Gilliam, one of the NFL’s first black starting quarterbacks…led the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1974 to a 6 and 0 preseason and 4 and 1 regular season before management replaced him with Terry Bradshaw. Some say drugs were Joe Gilliam’s downfall...others blame racism.

  • IPFW Students Fight for their Newspaper

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Another day in the newsroom of IPFW’s award winning student newspaper, The Communicator. “We’re documenting everything that happens on the campus,” says editor-in-chief Kristan Mensch, “and we’re the only people doing that.”

  • Charles Shepard's All-Encompassing Embrace

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--You won’t find many fine art museums hosting something like this, an exhibition of tapestry… works created on looms with cloth fibers and color dye. But it’s just the kind of thing Fort Wayne Museum of Art director Charles Sheppard loves to bring to this town.

  • Fibre Looms Large in Artist's Career

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Artlinks Regional University Exhibit is full of great things to look at. You’d expect as much, these are works created by the art professors who teach at IPFW, Huntington University and the University of St Francis. But even among these gems there is a real standout..not of paint or metal or ceramics…but of cloth.

  • Library's Story a Tale of Service, Innovation

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana-Most days you’ll find reference librarian Dawne Slater-Putt at her desk in the Genealogy Collection at the Allen County Public Library. But Slater-Putt’s not just a lover of books; she’s a book writer who penned a history of the library to mark its centennial in 1995. And it’s a story of dedicated people determined to create something important for future generations.