• Brown County, Indiana, and the Painters who loved it.

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21 Alive)-A bit more simplicity is the spirit behind this fantastic exhibit of work by Indiana artists at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.

  • The Little Shed with a Thousand Stories

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21 Alive)--Just off West Pontiac Street in the Williams-Woodland Park neighborhood sits a treasure. Boarded up and weatherbeaten, a small clapboard space where years ago.

  • Abandoned school receives new assignment

  • Unseen Gems at a Local Treasure

    AUBURN, Indiana (21Alive)-There are few spots in 21 Country as elegant as the Auburn Cord Deusenburg Museum in Auburn…the finest automobiles ever crafted, displayed in the original showroom of the factory where many of them were built.

  • Hard Work, Hard Times in Ligonier

    LIGONIER, Indiana (21Alive)--Like much of small town America Ligonier Indiana has struggled recently, but the town’s hard times reach back further than most.

  • Goodbye to Part of Our Story

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana-It knitted Northeast Indiana cities and towns together a hundred years ago, from Angola to Warsaw, Decatur to Fort Wayne.

  • An Airmail Museum in Fort Wayne's Future?

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (21Alive)--They were heros of a sort, kids mostly, who risked their lives, often losing them… flying America’s mail during aviation’s Halcyon Days.

  • Local Business Leads in the 21st Century

    SOUTH MILFORD, Indiana (21Alive)-SOUTH MILFORD, Indiana (21Alive)--It’s not the sort of place you’d expect to find 21st century hi-tek science.

  • Hometown Business Makes Technological Leap

    SOUTH MILFORD, Indiana (21Alive)--It’s not the sort of place you’d expect to find 21st century hi-tek science. Wible Lumber Company just outside South MSilford has been manufacturing custom wood products since the 1940’s…but never like this.

  • Life's Better Here: Adams County

    DECATUR, Indiana (21Alive)--We usually like to set up our camera in front of the Adams County courthouse when we’re in Decatur but today our backdrop is the impressive Bunge soybean processing operation in Decatur, formerly Central Soya.