• Local Brewery Is A Class Project (VIDEO)

    By day Scott Ferguson is busy with his duties as dean of the Ketner School of Business at Trine University, duties that include teaching this graduate level class on Entrepreneurship. But when class is done, the good professor heads to his second favorite spot in Angola.

  • Artist's Work Becoming Family Affair

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Even as a kid Fort Wayne native Teresa Yarbrough was confident about her art work, thanks to her art teacher, Mrs. Porter, at Zion Lutheran grade school. “I remember her to this day,” Yarbrough recalls. “She really took a genuine interest and told me that…she would constantly say I’m a good artist I can do something with it.”

  • Historic, Mysterious Building Throws Open Its Doors

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--For ninety years it’s towered over traffic on Washington Boulevard and for nearly that long Fort Wayne’s Masonic Temple has been a mystery to much of the city. But no more.

  • A Real Classic, Right Here in 'Your Country'.

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana-Museums are places where stories are told and this room full of trucks at Auburn’s National Automotive and Truck Museum is a biography of the once mighty International Harvester, a builder of workhorse vehicles known for their ruggedness and innovation. Their story begins not with a truck, though..but with this, the Weber farm wagon, the Cadillac of farm wagons built by Harvester at the turn of the last century…an implement that would morph several years later into this…the 1911 Auto Wagon..the first true motorized multiple use vehicle and the forerunner of the modern pickup. Four years later Harvester produced the Model ‘F’, a one ton truck, its four cylinder engine sporting a real innovation..a pressurized oiling system.

  • Last Vestige of a Corporate Giant

    FORT WAYNE, Ind. -- It towers above the single story homes that surround it at the corner of Creighton and Bowser Avenues, a six story brick bunker that is the last standing piece of what was a Fort Wayne industrial empire.

  • Stunning Work by Local High School Kids!

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Of all the great exhibits hosted each year by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art this has to be the most exciting..the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Competition…art works by northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio high school kids competing for college art scholarships with the rest of the country and our kids are among the best. Of the 115 regions competing across the nation, the Fort Wayne region is consistently in the top ten.

  • A Book Full of Fort Wayne Firsts! (VIDEO)

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--It’s not the most dangerous job in the world but it’s sure right up there. And there’s no question being a firefighter is a huge challenge…physically and emotionally. Up until just a few years ago it was generally thought that firefighter was no job for a woman. Carol Butler knows about the challenges women face in a man’s world..she’s a U.S. Navy veteran. A few years ago at Fort Wayne’s VA hospital a young nurse told her she was a student at a local middle school when Carol spoke to her class in her navy uniform.

  • Fort Wayne's Historic Tie to the Vatican

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--As Catholic cardinals convene at the Vatican to elect the churches 266th pope, the 265th pope, Benedict the 16th, is adjusting to retirement. But he’s not out of the public discourse just yet. People are still talking about his ring, the papal ring, and whether this golden work of art will be destroyed, defaced or left untouched.

  • Manuscript Museum Moving to Historic Building

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--It is, unfortunately, one of Fort Wayne’s lesser known gems, the Karpeles Manuscript Museum…one of the most remarkable spots in the entire Midwest. Where else could you see Queen Elizabeth the First’s handwritten note to Sir Francis Drake, ordering him to sail against the Spanish Armada in 1587? Or personal letters penned by Eleanor Roosevelt, Indira Gandhi, Albert Einstein or Rosa Parks? Despite the historic attractions this museum remains hidden away in a sense. That, however is about to change.

  • Recycling Takes on New Meaning

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Patrice Farmer planned on a writing career until she attended art school New Mexico. Visiting the art galleries of Santa Fe changed her mind.