• Vets Photos Document Bomber Crews Hopes, Fears

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--They were the most awesome killing machines created by man. They bombed Japan back into the Middle Ages and brought her to her knees. And the men and boys who flew the B-29 super fortress adored every deadly square inch of her.

  • Photographer Still Discovering after 60 Year Career

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--He’s among the most distinguished photographers out in Your Country, also one of the most unconventional..an artist who loves breaking the rules. a rebel with a camera who remembers that exact moment, at age five, he fell in love with photography…watching his father developing pictures in his own dark room.

  • Local Man Running for President

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)-Move over Mitt, retreat Rick, not now Newt…there’s a new contender in town. Michael Radke, a retired metal worker, part time woodworker from Whitley County is running as a write-in candidate for president of the United States. He’s serious about it, and if anyone wants a sense of the frustration many Americans feel with our political process, just listen to candidate Radke.

  • Parkview Hospital: Fort Wayne's Newest Art Gallery

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)-When the Parkview Regional Medical Center opens its doors next month the public will get its first glimpse of the sweeping vistas and warm, intimate spaces the hospital designers created. And there will be some very familiar sights greeting Fort Wayne art lovers.

  • Indiana Tech Students Use Computers to Fight Crime

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)-December third 2011…Fort Wayne police corner a robbery suspect in a Franklin Avenue home and begin negotiating for his surrender. On the scene the Crisis Response Vehicle, inside, hostage negotiators keeping track of every detail of the incident on a new, revolutionary computer program, developed by students…at Indiana Tech.

  • The Nazi Hunter from Huntertown, Indiana

    HUNTERTOWN, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--The Battle of the Hurtgen Forest in the heart of Nazi Germany, the longest battle ever fought by the U.S. Army, and one of the last fought before Germany finally surrendered. And in the middle of all the blood and combat and frigid cold, a 24 year old army captain from Huntertown Indiana fought to stay alive.

  • Steuben County to Honor Namesake

    ANGOLA, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--Angola Indiana, the Steuben County seat, boasts many tributes to its historical past; the fabulous Civil War monument capped by Lady Columbia and the county courthouse modeled after Boston’s famous Faneuil Hall. But nowhere is there a monument to this great county’s namesake, Frederic Wilhelm Augustus, Baron von Steuben, a German immigrant who would become one of the great heroes of the American Revolution.

  • Vintage War Bird Near Completion

    AUBURN, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)-The last time we stopped by Phil Allison’s shop in Auburn he was rebuilding the wings of a vintage Stearman biplane he was restoring, the stripped carcass of which sat patiently at a hanger at DeKalb County Airport. What a difference a couple of years can make.

  • 'Trench Art'; Art Objects Made in the Battlefield

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)-- Sailors make scrimshaw, prisoners prison art…soldiers make trench art, and a convoy of it has just pulled into the Fort Wayne Museum of Art. “Trench art’s typically soldier made art,” says exhibit curator Brian Williams, “typified by usually brass and artillery pieces that have been constructed into functional objects by a soldier.”

  • New Book Recounts Fort Wayne's Proud Aviation History

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--The next time you face the hassle of air travel through Fort Wayne International Airport keep in mind the part this airport played in the history of this town, and this country.