• Hoosier Author's Home to Get a Facelift

    GENEVA, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--Gene Stratton-Porter’s Sylvan Lake home is a beautiful spot but it was the legendary author and naturalist’s second choice. Her first was this, her home in Geneva Indiana, where she lived from 1895 to 1912 before moving to Sylvan Lake.

  • He's Part Realtor, Part Historian

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--You may not know the face but you certainly know the name, it is everywhere to be seen. Al Zacher has been dean of commercial real estate in northeast Indiana for decades but he’s also a respected author, his book published 15 years ago analyzing presidential second terms…got lots of media, and other attention.

  • Wandering Sculptor Comes Home

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--We’ve visited Cary Shafer’s Fort Wayne studio often over the years, this visit in 2002 found him carving a massive gorgeous limestone mantelpiece for a client.

  • Local Artist Finds Charm in 'Old World'

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--Artist Tim Johnson was born in Fort Wayne but he’s not chained to the place, probably because his family moved so much when he was a kid. But wanderlust has served him well. He travels regularly to Europe, lived there 20 years, and finds infinite inspiration in its ancient buildings and hills and seaports.

  • Photographer Takes Art Form to Another Dimension

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--At 70-ish with two bouts with lung cancer behind him Fort Wayne artist Michael Mettler is living life the way we all should live it. “There’s a possibility out there that I’m just kind of breaking into,” Mettler says. “I’m trying to keep the enthusiasm at a level where I keep listening quietly.”

  • Local Kids Revive Gregorian Chants

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)-It’s another school day at the David and Therese Smith household. Therese home schools her kids. She has eight of them, seven boys and one very precious little girl. The Smith’s are devout Catholics, a fact that has led this family on a very interesting journey of discovery.

  • The Old West, out in 'Your Country'

    MENTONE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--“I grew up watching Roy Rogers and all that of course”, says artist Robert Hudson. “I. always loved horses and the West and stories of my dad about how beautiful it was in the west.”

  • 19th Century Opera House still Bringing in Crowds

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--Before 3d, before IMAX, before even movie theatres most little towns had an opera house

  • Abandoned Church Brings Community Together

    ALBION, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--They dot the countryside, little houses of worship all boarded up...their congregations long gone along with their usefulness. Sweet Church up in Noble County was doomed to such a fate

  • Nothing But Garden-Fresh for Avilla Pizza Joint

    AVILLA, Indiana (Indiana's NewsCenter)--Just after sunrise in Avilla Indiana and Larry Goldsmith has already combed goodies from of his fabulous garden, irrigated by an 11-hundred gallon rainwater tank.