• Markle Woman's Passion Is Music To The Ears

    A recent weekday morning and residents of North Manchester’s Peabody Retirement Center are gathering in the chapel for something special. This is Donna Brown, who at age 80-something is older than many of the folks who’ve come to hear her this morning.

  • Indiana's Non-Soldier Hero of WW II (VIDEO)

    DANA, Ind. (www.incnow.tv) -- While soldiers dodged bullets in France and Germany and the Pacific, the civilian soldiers on the home front were fighting a war of nerves; parents waiting word everyday from their sons overseas, wives wondering what each new day held for their husbands in uniform.

  • Art Helps Him Cope With Tough Times (VIDEO)

    Doug’s been locked in a battle with cancer and the news hasn’t been good. But he’s been fighting back with some old friends, his paints and brushes…friends he put away many years ago.

  • Auburn Pilot's Tribute To His Dad (VIDEO)

    It’s great knowing smart, handy people…like Phil Allison. Phil’s a corporate pilot in Auburn, flies this beautiful business jet for Metal Technologies. In his spare time, though, Phil likes to have a project.

  • The Secret Hand That Helped Build Fort Wayne

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Many centuries ago the medieval stonecutters who built all those beautiful cathedrals formed a sort of club to keep professional standards high and stonemasonry in good repute. They called themselves Freemasons and adopted symbols of their trade, like the square and compass representing the Divine geometry of the Universe. There were secrets, too...handshakes and rituals that bound this brotherhood together and made others, like the Catholic Church, very suspicious.

  • To This Auburn Photographer, It's The Simple Things (VIDEO)

    AUBURN, Ind. --Years of frail health and life threatening illness have awakened auburn photographer Ellen England to those things in life many take for granted…like the color in a solitary leaf…or patterns on a harvested wheat field….or the delicate structure of a dragonfly’s wing. England has Marfan Syndrome and has undergone several dangerous heart surgeries, and though her health is frail her lifelong love for photography is very healthy.

  • Local Photographer Develops 'Wild Side' (VIDEO)

    There are a lot of photographers in Fort Wayne and we’ve met a lot of them. But none of them has more fun taking pictures than Theresa Thompson. Thompson was six years old when she discovered photography.

  • Local Brewery Is A Class Project (VIDEO)

    By day Scott Ferguson is busy with his duties as dean of the Ketner School of Business at Trine University, duties that include teaching this graduate level class on Entrepreneurship. But when class is done, the good professor heads to his second favorite spot in Angola.

  • Artist's Work Becoming Family Affair

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--Even as a kid Fort Wayne native Teresa Yarbrough was confident about her art work, thanks to her art teacher, Mrs. Porter, at Zion Lutheran grade school. “I remember her to this day,” Yarbrough recalls. “She really took a genuine interest and told me that…she would constantly say I’m a good artist I can do something with it.”

  • Historic, Mysterious Building Throws Open Its Doors

    FORT WAYNE, Indiana--For ninety years it’s towered over traffic on Washington Boulevard and for nearly that long Fort Wayne’s Masonic Temple has been a mystery to much of the city. But no more.