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By Eric Olson

June 18, 2010 Updated Jun 13, 2007 at 7:45 PM EDT

America's love affair with the automobile isn't news to anyone.

But bringing a favorite car into your living room might be.

They're the stuff many a man's dreams are made of...big-chromed chariots that carried now middle-aged men through their youth twenty, thirty, forty years ago...memories that for some, are just too precious to let go of.

Furniture Maker Randy Williams says, "A lot of people have had a '57 Chevy and now they're old enough where they don't have the car but they want a part of it."

Just west of Angola, a little dream factory is turning out memories for those without the means to actually own a 1957 Chevrolet...or a '57 Ford T-Bird...or any of twenty-two other classic and muscle cars.

Say you owned a hot rod as a kid and want a little something to remember it by.

How about a 1932 Ford wet bar?

Or you covet a Cobra, but don't have sixty-grand to buy one...a nice Cobra office desk costs a lot less.

At Fast Lane Automotive Furniture, Randy Williams has tapped into the collector car craze with his line of fibreglass wall hangings, couches, desks, bars, beds and headboards.

It started about ten years ago when Randy made a desk from a real 1955 Chevrolet in his autobody shop.

People liked it so well he decided to mass produce.

A Fort Wayne company makes the fibreglass shells, a guy in LaGrange does the upholstry and Randy does the painting and finishing.

One recent change was adding wood trim.

Randy says customers wives like that.

Furniture Maker Randy Williams says, "You know women have a lot of say what goes into their house.

You noticed that? When you start putting the wood into it, they really like that."

Randy sells his furniture at car shows around the country, but he says he's getting tired of that.

He'll start internet sales soon.

And he plans to change his furniture line as tastes change.

He's about to add a 1960's Camaro and Road Runner.

Furniture Maker Randy Williams says, "As what I call the younger generation gets older, they might want an '85 Mustang or something, just see which way we go. Or a 2003 Echo! Right, anything."

Randy says as long as cars are part of American life, cars will be part of American dreams, and memories.

And that's a fact this furniture maker hopes to keep banking on.

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